June 26th, 2006

chaNd kaliyaaN nashaat ki chunkar
muddatoN mahv-e-yaas rahtaa houN
tera milnaa khushi ki baat sahi
tujhse milkar udaas rahtaa houN!

radd-e-‘amal = reaction, opposition to an action (!)
nashaat = cheerfulness, joy
mahv-e-yaas = engrossed in despair, hopelessness

Here’s the qit’a in Urdu (Image designed by me, if you want to use, go ahead, just give a link back to this site)




June 26th, 2006
duniyaa ne tajrubaat-o-hawaadis ki shakl meiN
jo kuchh mujhe diyaa hai, vo lauTaa rahaa houN maiN
Sahir LudhianviA romantic, a socialist, a poet…Sahir, the magician, Ludhianvi. The above couplet appeared on the first page of Sahir’s only poetry book: ‘talkhiyaaN’ (Bitterness), and aptly so. The book is a treasure for poetry lovers. And in view of the excellent work presented in ‘talkhiyaaN’ by Sahir, it will always be sad that Urdu litterary circle never accepted him as a good poet. Perhaps something to do with the language that he used, simple language for simple people but with a plethora of emotions.
Whether in litterature, Sahir will ever get his place or not, he will always be in the hearts of his fans, such as myself… his words will always echo …
maiN pal do pal ka shaayar houN
pal do pal meri kahaanii hai
pal do pal meri hastii hai
pal do pal meri javaanii hai
mujhse pahle kitne shaayar aaye aur aa kar chale gaye
kuchh aaheiN bhar kar lauT gaye, kuchh naGhme gaa kar chale gaye
vo bhi ik pal ka qissa the, maiN bhi ik pal ka qissa houN
kal tumse judaa ho jaaouNgaa go aaj tumhaaraa hissaa houN

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